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Harmony—(armony; harmonia; harmos: a fitting.) A combination of parts into a pleasing or orderly whole; congruity; agreement in feeling, action, ideas; an arrangement of parallel passages of different authors, so as to bring out corresponding ideas, quantities, etc.; the study of structure – symmetry.


Cassandra LaneAs a writer, journalist and educator, I aim to aid people in defining, developing and delivering their voice and mission through writing, teaching and social media storytelling.

Because tea is another one of my indulgences, my writing workshops and consultation sessions usually always involve tea. The making, smelling and drinking of tea never fails to relax my students, creating in them a sense of peace, calm and harmony as they go about the creative business of writing– whether the product at hand is a college application essay, grant proposal, memoir or company profile.

In creating this virtual space, Harmony Writing Cafe, I wanted to bring that same sense of atmosphere here.

Professional background:

I worked as a reporter for The Times-Picayune in New Orleans before testing my faith and nerve to launch a freelance writing career, which has included publishing essays and articles in The Source, BET Magazine, Gambit, The Louisiana Weekly, The Atlanta Journal Constitution, Everything But the Burden (Broadway Books/Random House), The Bellingham Review and Daddy, Can I Tell You Something. In 2001, I left the bayous and mosquitoes of my beloved home state and moved to Los Angeles, where I earned an MFA from Antioch University. After graduating, I taught English Literature, composition, creative writing and journalism in east and south Los Angeles for several years before becoming an academic advisor and college essay editor for high school seniors across and beyond Los Angeles county.

These days, I am finishing a book-length manuscript, After the Tree, and writing essays, and helping my clients and students everywhere do the same.

I also run TheMendingVerse.com.

Thanks for paying me a visit!

Cassandra Lane


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